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Control Panels


- The control panel will be flexibly set mounted with a front opening door with protection equivalent to IP 42

-  The panel is made of steel sheet with electrostatic paint and totally isolation.
-  The panel designed to be manually, automatically operated and also can be at off mode for safety and maintenance.

Control Panel Equipment:

-  Molded case or Air circuit breaker:

                    Three poles(0000A) provides thermal and magnetic
                     protection in case of overload or short-circuit                        conditions.

-  Emergency stop push button

-  DSE ……. digital control unit:

-  Auto start and auto mains failure control modules
-  Degrees of protection provided by enclosures BS EN 60529, IP65
-  The modules include USB, RS232 & RS485 Ports, Modules can be integrated into building management systems (B.M.S)
Measure, protect and indicate the following:

Control Functions:

Auto mode
Sleep mode
Off mode
Manual mode
Cycle cranking
LED indicating lamp

  Engine Monitoring Equipment:

Oil Pressure
Engine Temperature
Engine Speed

Plant Battery Volts

Running hours
Intake manifold temperature

Alternator Monitoring Equipment:

Mains Volts (Ph-Ph/Ph-N)

Generator Ampere (L1, L2, L3)

Generator Volts (L-L/ L-N)
Generator KvA, kWh
Generator Frequency (Hz)
Power Factor
Generator kW as % of rated kW



Over and under speed
Over Current
Low and high battery volt
Under/ over Generator Voltage
Start and stop failure
Over Current
Charge Fail
Low Oil Pressure
Emergency Stop
High engine temperature
kW Overload
Unbalanced Load

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