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Control Panels

The panel is made of steel sheet with electrostatic paint and totally isolated, a selector is used to load the generator manual or automatic & it consists of:

1. ATS unit operate with the main supply and generator and it consists of MCB connected to all safety systems and also equipped with indicating lamps and all of the panel components are European manufactured.

2. Main supply current.

3. Generator current.

4. Loading and separating of generator.

5. Automatic control for loading time of main supply.

6. Automatic control for loading time of generator.

7. Delay stopping of generator after load separation for cooling.

8. Automatic battery charger for charging the battery from main supply.

9. Push button for manual loading and separating generator and main supply.

10. Relays for control circuits.

11. Sound alarm switch.

12. Copper sheets as  the current doesn’t increase than 1.5 amp. In 1 mm. 

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