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Canopy (Weather Proof) (Sound Proof) / (super sound proof)

      •  The whole sound proof canopy is ATOS manufactured.
      • The canopy made of steel sheets painted by electrostatic -  paints anti-rustiness, with 2 mm thickness according to manufacturing basics.
      •  The canopy is internally isolated by sound isolation layer to provide sound level

         Sound proof: (75 + 5% @7m),

        Super sound proof: (65 + 5% @3m)

        •   The canopy internally isolated with inflammable covered rock wool of high thickness that isolates temperature & liquid.
        • The internally isolation layer is coated by PGF.
        •  There are inlets & outlets for air in going and outgoing that does not effect on sound level or the unit temperature.
        •  The presence of glass opening in front of the canopy for viewing the control panel.
        • The canopy wall with the isolation layer thickness is 60 mm.
        • It is applied by high quality locks for the unit safety; also, there are holders on the canopy surface to make it able to be elevated.
        •  Special muffler is fixed inside the canopy.
        •  Special canopies can be produced upon customer request.

        The whole weather proof canopy is ATOS manufactured.

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