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Diesel Generator Set

ATOS is one of the best manufacturer of generating set through wide range of power rates starting from 13 K.V.A to 2000 K.V.A.

Canopy manufacturing

The canopy is internally isolated by sound isolation layer to provide sound level of 75 db +/- 5% at 7M.

Control Panel

The control unit must be dependable when switching from utility to standby power. At ATOS Generators Co., we understand this and have designed control units with the user in mind.


ATOS produce several sizes of the trailers which are prepared for in and outdoor usage.

Storage Tank

Made of steel sheets 2 up to 20 mm thickness have rectangle shape 500 up to 50000 L. volume painted with two boxy layers and final colored layers.

Genuine Parts & Accessories

ATOS offers a large number of maintenance products to help keep your engine in top condition.

Financial Engineering Consulting

At ATOS Generators co. we believe that effective engineering design must be carefully planned and systematically executed.

Maintenance Center

You can be confident we will take care of your generator system and keep it running at optimal performance levels.


We will interview the customer to confirm that we’re providing exactly what best suits their needs. While it helps when the client already has in mind what they want, it is not required.

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If you have any suggestions or questions about our services, We are more than glad to hear from you.

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